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Vice President/Co-Founder

Deborah began her career as an educator administering standardized tests to incoming college freshmen and teaching developmental Reading, Writing and Study Skills to provisional students. Her desire to learn more about the needs of under-prepared students led her to earn a Master’s in Student Development and a 34-year teaching career. She develops tools and facilitates programs that better prepare students for academic success. Deborah has experience preparing grant proposals that assist in securing funds for faculty professional development and intervention programs for at-risk freshmen. As the 2009 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year, Deborah helped craft comprehensive curriculum changes designed to improve national high school graduation rates at the U.S. Department of Education. In 2013, she completed an Ed.S degree in Teacher Leadership, and continues to serve on several national policy-making committees, advocating on behalf of students, parents and teachers for increased funding and teacher training for educational programs that promote greater academic success for all students.

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